The Fall Governing Body meeting was held on September 27, 2020 which was a live meeting and also webcasted to the virtually registered AAPI members with viewing credentials only.

To participate at this Fall Governing Body meeting, a member shall register for the meeting.

Only registered Governing Body members who are present physically or virtually are eligible to vote.

If the proxy is present physically at the Governing Body meeting, only the proxy will be eligible to vote.

The registered voting members who attended physically or virtually are eligible to vote.

The voting shall be completed by Wednesday, September 30th at 5 pm CST.

As per the Bylaws passed in December 2018, this ballot will be sent to the General Body in the year 2022 for approval after a gap of three years since 2018.


Section 3.1:

Membership in the AAPI shall be open to any physician, dentist, podiatrist or students of medicine, dentistry and human sciences of Indian origin in the United States who wish to promote the mission of the AAPI and make continuing contributions towards the goals of the AAPI.

Section 3.2.A. Active Members:

Active members shall be Physician or Dentist or Podiatrist who hold or at any time held (retired physicians) an unrestricted license to practice medicine in any state of the USA including any physician, dentist or podiatrist currently enrolled in Residency program in the USA.


Residents, fellows, and students of medicine, dentistry and Podiatry in approved training Programs in the United States, who wish to promote the mission of the AAPI, will be represented in the AAPI through the AAPI’s Medical Student/Resident section. Their participation will be governed in accordance with the Bylaws of the AAPI-MSR section, which will conform to the broad principles of the AAPI and as approved by the Executive Committee.

Section 5.3.A. GOVERNING BODY:

The Governing Body shall be composed of the Executive Committee, Members of the Board of Trustees, Chairs of all the Standing Committees, Chair of the Convention Committee as defined in Section 4.3 and the Presidents of all dues paid/paying member organizations. President of a dues paying member organization may designate a duly qualified (Section 5.2 D) representative to attend a specific Governing Body meeting by informing the secretary in writing at least two weeks before the scheduled date. This alternate representative must be from the same member organization and must be present in the meeting to vote. In absence of Chair of Standing committee, vice chair of standing committee can act as an alternate representative with voting rights. Immediate Past YPS President and Immediate Past MSRF President are members of the Governing body with voting rights. One person – One vote rule must be followed during all voting procedures. Only active voting members of the AAPI may be voting members of the Governing Body. Any one person cannot represent a patron chapter at the Governing Body for more than two consecutive years in last 5 years.

Section 5.4 C: Secretary:

Shall be active member of AAPI for at least 5 years, shall have served three years on the Governing Body, out of which one year should be as a President of local/State/ Alumni of dues paying member association of the AAPI an Executive Committee member or has mandatorily completed a committed term of 3 years consecutively as a Board of Trustee.